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We Build Free Websites!

Starting at just $249 per month.

Book a "Free" Zoom Meeting with us!

Available weekdays and weekends!

We Build Free Websites!

Starting at just $249 per month.

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We use DIVI by Elegant Themes,

which is one of the best WordPress Themes available!

To put it simply, Divi allows us to easily and quickly create custom websites that look great and function perfectly. There are tens of thousands of possibilities and thousands of professional designs available to choose from. With all of this, a client can count on getting their website created at a lower cost, with greater flexibility, more features, etc. This is why WPBNS exclusively recommends the use of Divi, with its thousands of options, possibilities, and design options, for every website it builds. WPBNS will build you a website that comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee! (Ask for details.) 

The WPBNS “FREE” Website Development and Design Package (valued at $9,000) requires our Professional Website Security, Maintenance, and SEO Plan and starts at just $249 ** per month. See available discounts and details below.

DIVI Ultimate Theme - WPBNS Free Website Development Package
Just pick a day and time that's good for you.

That's right.

This isn't just a Free Trial.

We will build you a website … 100% FREE!

Your website will include …


There's no better, stable, flexible or supported CMS (Content Mgmt. System) for building, hosting and maintaining websites. (At least this is our opinion. *smile*) We use WordPress exclusively and are professional developers and designers with more than 20 years of website development experience.


Your website will be hosted on a dedicated and fully managed server. Each website hosted by WPBNS is included in our 2X Daily Backup System. This means, that your website will be backed up twice, in a secure offsite location. At WPBNS, security is a top priority and we do everything possible to ensure that the websites for our clients remain up and running at all times and fully backed up in the event we need to obtain a prior version.


WPBNS runs a professional monitoring service for all of the websites we develop, design and host, to ensure that we remain notified immediately of any issues. This allows us to keep your websites up and running with our 99% uptime guarantee!


The benefits of the DIVI theme, developed by Elegant Themes in 2008, have proven to allow for the development of fast, efficient, flexible, stable, feature rich, secure, and fabulous looking websites. (We could go on an on if you'd like.) DIVI websites can also be easily updated by our clients.


The websites hosting managed by WPBNS is a dedicated and fully managed server. This means, unlike most other website hosting services, that the websites on all of our servers are our clients only and each of our servers only hosts a maximum of 50 websites. While 50 websites might sound like a lot to you, most other hosting services have an average of 2,000 to 5,000 websites on a single server. And, there's much, much more!


  • Many awesome premium child themes (designs) to choose from.
  • One-on-One personal support each month!
  • Your websites will be optimization for all major search engines.
  • We have many premium plugin features available, and they are typically provided FREE to our clients!

WE WILL BUILD A COMPLETE WEBSITE FOR YOU, with everything you need!

  • WordPress Website System – The most popular Website Content Management System in the world!
  • DIVI Premium WordPress Theme – Offering total flexibility for limitless designs and customization options.
  • Your Choice from our selection of Premium Child Themes with hundreds of designs and styles to choose from.
  • WPBNS provides a Free and Professionally Customized Website. We will build a complete website for you including premium plugins and special features! (valued at $9,000) Be sure to contact us so we can answer all of your questions, give you a personalized tour of what you will be able to expect, etc.
  • There's nothing due up-front! We're so sure that you'll love us and our work, that we don't require any payment or credit card to get started. Contact us today and we'll be happy to go over every aspect of our Free Website Development program. (Certain restrictions may apply.)

MANY AMAZING PREMIUM FEATURES (included at No Additional Cost)

  • Fully customizable Form and Ordering System
  • eCommerce (Selling) Options
  • Photo and Video Galleries
  • Breaking News Ticker Display
  • Online Coupons
  • Zoom Online Meeting System – Implementation
  • Product Lists (with or without images)
  • Online Surveys and Forms
  • and so much more!


  • The WPBNS “FREE” Website Development and Design Package (valued at $9,000) requires our Professional Website Security, Maintenance, and SEO Plan and starts at just $249 ** per month. The standard Pro Plan includes the following:
    • Professional Website Hosting with a 99% performance guarantee!
    • Professional Security Monitoring and our 2X Daily Backups.
    • Professional SEO Services.
    • and much, much more!
  • Every website we build and maintain comes is safe and secure from hackers and malicious attacks, and also protected with our premium “2X backup-plan,” which backs up your website in two remote locations … every day!
  • No long-term commitments are required. There's absolutely nothing due to get started. That's how confident we are that you'll love us and our work!
    • The monthly invoicing for your professional website hosting, security, maintenance, and SEO does not begin until 30 days after we begin our work.
  • **  We offer discounts of up to 20% off for small businesses, non-profit organizations, military, and schools. (Contact us to see you qualify.) **

Depending on your business and exactly what you need, we offer a variety of additional services and options.


Note: Any required licensing fees or other related costs for premium website plugins and 3rd party applications are billed separately. Ask for complete details.